Welcome back! Autumn is here, so how can I help?

New term, new start.  Both of my sons are now at school, so the house is mine once more!

There are a number of different activities that I can offer to schools this term:

  • Assemblies & lessons
  • Magic and memory lessons – an example is here for those interested, and I can adapt it to your class group
  • Training to connect churches and schools.
  • Christmas WOW presentations

Assemblies and lessons

I post a number of my assembly ideas to the internet at http://assemblyideas.wordpress.com/ so that I can remember which ones I have done where, and many people around the country use it as a resource for their own idea.  If you are interested in seeing what I do and haven’t seen me in action then it might be useful for you to get an idea.  Do you have an awkward topic in your Christian RE syllabus?  Would you like me to be part of your assembly program for the term? Give me a shout and I will see if I can help.

Magic and memory lessons…

 are something I started a couple of years back and have been developing over that time.  The idea is to help children to learn to use their memories and see that they can.  I have had very positive feedback from teachers who were aware of the methods I use, but hadn’t actually tried them out for themselves.  Have a look at the details here. I can do either morning or afternoons, and the lesson is most suitable for years 5 and 6.  I am offering it at this time of year in response to requests from other teachers.

Training to connect church and school

If you are looking to develop relationships with your church, or are a church looking to develop relationships with your local school, I can offer a series of training meetings (or events if you invite more than one church to take part).  The training is for morning, afternoon or evening, and encourages the team to look at how they can develop their own schools ministry and relations.  It includes such things as legal requirements and ethical approaches.  Please get in touch using the contact page for more information.

Christmas WOW presentations

WOW – which comes from Blackburn Diocese and stands for Worship Of Worth – is an approach to worship for schools.  Generally this is part of the church school approach to collective worship, however I periodically use the format and ethos in non-church schools with a fantastic response.  Rather than a presentation, though I have listed it as such above, it is a fully interactive service suitable for children and teachers, respectful of the school environment as a place of education, and at the same time taps into a simple understanding of worship appropriate for primary aged children.  I plan on touring the Christmas WOW’s with a small team, and hopefully a band (drums, guitars, keyboard, singers, video…) during November and December.  The dates fill up fast, so if you want to take advantage, then please contact me as soon as possible.

So how much does this cost?

Nothing!  Splat is (fast approaching) being a registered charity, and we are supported by Scripture Union, and increasingly we are looking for support from local churches.  This is important because we want to keep what we offer free.