The new trust…

The new trust is beginning to take shape.  We still have a very long way to go, which includes finding someone to be the chair for the meetings.  But with 5 people willing to be part of the trust, a name, and our aims sorted out we are well on the way.

Our next objective is to get the draft deeds put together and approved by the team by the end of May, and to for me to contact as many people as possible about what we are doing, and find a Chairperson.  Hence this website.

Would you like to consider being on the trust?

If you agree with the aims of Scripture Union, are happy with the aims of the trust (see below), and would like to be part of our setting up of the trust and work in the area, then please get in touch.

Perhaps you could be the new Chair?

So how will this fit with the other work of churches and schools trusts in the area?

As a number of people are aware, I have been a schoolsworker in this area for the last seven years, working alongside churches and in cooperation with trusts and mainstream church networks.  So it isn’t like this is something new.

The reason for a move to a new trust is simple: it’s the vision of Scripture Union to be more locally focussed through the ministry of volunteers and local trusts.  With that in mind, they have given permission, and a significant amount of initial support, to setting up new associate ministries around the UK, following the examples of other succesful Scripture Union Associate trusts.

This means that the activity people see me do will not vary too much from what they see me doing currently.  I will simply be doing less of the national work and spend an increasingly greater time developing SPLAT to support schools ministry in the local area.

What are the aims?

Agreed at our most recent meeting, the provisional aims of the trust are:

a) to deliver face to face schools work in Preston and Leyland

b) to connect churches and schools through support, training and equipping in Preston and Leyland as well as the surrounding area