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Prayer update 1

  1. Many teachers are under phenomenal pressures at the moment.  The government keep changing the way teaching is to be done at the moment, and there seems more paperwork than ever.  Funding is being slashed for education and grants are set to become increasingly scarce.  Particularly affected with be the SEN (special educational needs) budget.  Sadly there also seems to be a rise in those children who are exhibiting special educational needs, and quite often these are behaviour related issues.  So with less funding there will be less support for already struggling staff.  Please pray for those in education and Christians as well as others who are lobbying for necessary funding.
  2. Scripture Union is supporting the development of the trust in Preston and the local area which will seek to support schools and those working to develop relationships between schools, churches, communities and both professional and volunteer groups.  Deliberately broad to provide for future developments!  The OCT 3rd post gives a little more detail on and the aims are at :  but in brief


  • Delivering face to face Christian values and themes to school aged children
  • Working in partnership with schools through support, training and equipping to advance Christian education
  • Working with churches in building positive relationships with local schools
  • Enabling and equipping Christian volunteers and other organisations to fulfil these objects


3. Currently I am working on developing a homework website to answer primary school Christian themed homework questions for the trust since I have the necessaries to be able to publish, market, design and write.  It needs some tidying up in terms of sentence structure, but I also need to have written about ash Wednesday, palm Sunday, holy week and Easter in the next two weeks so that all is live to complete the Easter story.  You can see more of that at

Please pray for the website for the trust as it develops, that it will be able to support schools, as well as churches and organisations to fulfil their mission to schools, and that the website will be developed and be used across the area and even around the country


4. Support

Although there is initial financial support for the trust from Scripture Union, it comes to an end far too soon.  It will cost approximately £40k a year to run and employ one worker.  Please pray that we are able to find financial backing both on a local level and through charitable pots.  Most importantly we are looking for churches who would be interested in coming on board in terms of finding trustees.  We already have them, but we are looking to secure a base of people who can really help us to develop the work.A new employee!  Already!  I have set this trust up with others, but I was always going to be leaving it.  The reality is that I will be employed by the trust for just 25 days before I hand in my resignation so that I can finish at the beginning of July because I am being ordained to move into my next role of ministry, as curate for St James in Clitheroe.  We need to find a new worker to come on board with the right mix of experience and skills to take the trust through its next phase.  That means we need to create a job description and get the funding for 3 years in place.  Looking to get a new person in post to start in January 2012.