Can We Support You In Delivery of Christian School Curriculum, or Help Your Church Support Your Local School?

Are you part of a school or church based in the Preston and Leyland area of Lancashire?  Can SPLAT help you

In schools:

  • Your Christian curriculum RE and PSHE lessons
  • Christian assemblies and acts of collective worship
  • Special events

In church

  • To support you if you are looking to establish new connections with your local school
  • Develop the ministry you already have in school
  • Train your church in schools and youth work

We are happy to offer all these services, and because we are supported by other people, there is no charge wherever possible.

Andrew Gray, the current worker for SPLAT, is a professionally trained youth and children’s worker, who has worked in primary and secondary schools for the best part of 20 years, supporting schools in delivery of Christian curriculum and collective worship.  During that time he has trained people in youth and children’s work in churches, as a Regionally Accredited Trainer for CPAS; the Spectrum course in Yorkshire diocese; and more  recently the last 8 years for Scripture Union.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

If you would still like some support, but live outside of the area but still live in the Northwest, then please contact Robin Gerard at robing[at]

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