Full objectives and activity of the trust

To advance the Christian faith for the benefit of the public by:

1 Delivering face to face Christian values and themes to school aged children

1.1 contributing to the spiritual and moral education of children through

1.1.1 Encouraging the exploration of personally held beliefs and the beliefs of others.

1.1.2 Providing school children with the opportunity for dialogue and debate with those who hold to the Christian faith.

1.1.3 Exploring concepts of faith, belief, meaning, morals and value as they apply both personally and in consideration of the individual’s role in the wider society.  How faith and religion shapes that sense of meaning and purpose and contributes to the Spiritual well-being of the individual and society as a whole.

1.1.4 Exploring the teachings of the Christian faith and how those teachings might apply and contribute to the holistic formation and development of the individual in terms of personal well being and identity, and as part of community and society as a whole.

1.1.5 Exploring the Christian faith and the moral, spiritual and ethical framework of Christianity within the context of clubs and voluntary school groups through the use of Bible stories and study, songs, games, prayers and other normative Christian practices; and through positive relational activity, with due regard, sensitivity and acceptance, towards those of other or no faith who may also wish to attend.

1.1.6 Sensitive imparting of Christian values and teachings to encourage informed and considered decisions concerning faith, values, and choice, which contribute to personal Spiritual well-being.

1.1.7 By implication, and where appropriate explicitly, to encourage the appreciation of the concepts of diversity in religion and belief, and to explore personally held views, as well as, and in comparison with, the views held by individuals, communities, and other faith groups within the local community and society as a whole.

1.2 These benefits to be fulfilled through the activities of:

1.2.1 Contributing to assemblies and collective acts of worship of a broadly Christian nature; including reflection, music, prayer, meditation, stillness, interaction, dialogue, listening, sharing, celebration and other normative Christian worship practices.

1.2.2 Lessons

1.2.3 School clubs of a broadly Christian nature

2 Working in partnership with schools through support, training and equipping to advance Christian education

2.1 Supporting the ongoing curriculum objective of spiritual education in schools within the context and breadth of the whole school curriculum.

2.2 Providing and signposting resources suitable for spiritual and educational purposes.

2.3 Providing complimentary support within the context of spiritual and pastoral well-being and education.

3 Working with churches in building positive relationships with local schools

3.1 Facilitation of contacts between local church and school

3.2 Training and support to help the local church provide resources and to be able to make appropriate and reasonable contributions to the local school community.

3.3 To encourage and, where appropriate, facilitate collaboration between churches, organisations, and individuals who also make or have a desire to make positive contributions to the school community.

4 Enabling and equipping Christian volunteers and other organisations to fulfil these objects

4.1 Providing appropriate levels of training where requested.

4.2 To work with other organisations to provide training.

4.3 To facilitate collaboration and coordination between churches, organisations and volunteers.