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Welcome to SPLAT!

If you’re visiting SPLAT, the likelihood is you already know a bit about us, but for those who don’t, here’s a potted history:

SPLAT is formed out of a close working relationship with Scripture Union.  That is that their schools worker, Andy Gray (now a Trustee of SPLAT and a Vicar in Clitheroe) set up SPLAT as an Associate Trust to Scripture Union to be a vehicle to continue to 7 plus years he had worked in the Preston, Leyland and surrounding areas.  As you can see, by a quick bit of magic, we quickly get to Schools Preston Leyland Area Trust, or SPLAT for short.

SPLAT is here to work alongside and support schools in the Preston, Leyland and surrounding areas to develop their Christian education and interaction.  There are number of ways in which we achieve this. We are able to offer assemblies, curriculum support, transitional days for the year 6 pupils of primary schools and many many resources linked into what it is to be a Christian in today’s world, and indeed what it means to be a Christian. Continue Reading →